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How can you be so bad that you have to cheat at SWOS?? Well never mind, if you can't get enough money, or you're a bit stuck, then here are some cheats for you to use!

From Jesper Juhnes old SWOS Page:

Cheats emailed from Glynn Rudd, he should be credited not me.

The first cheat on both the new and the older version of SWOS is how to get players for free(that's right absolutely no cost what so ever.) Supposing you were Barcelona. Firstly Select say, Cantona to buy then also select the sub Attacker as well. Then make the box with the amount of cash you are offering down to zero and click on the add icon. Select Romario. So you now want to buy Cantona and the other sub Attacker for no money and Romario. Click on Make Offer and if Man Utd accept you now have Cantona, the sub player will have disappeared and you will also still have Romario. Good is'nt it? Also you can do this for Defenders or Midfielders but it must be all Defenders or All Midfielders. Also it must always be a first team player and a sub player. For a first team player in your team.

The next one is how to score a goal every time(even from kick off!!!) When you take a shot for example. straight from kick off. Pull back like you would to take the shot(the big long kick)and keep your finger on the fire button. Then tap the 'R' button(replay) once, still keeping your finger on the fire button, the goalkeeper will stand still along with all the other players and also the ball will continue to move(into the net if it is on target). This is the same with any type of shot in any position on the pitch.

The last one is how to change the oppositions tactics. At half time(making sure you have a joystick in the other port as well) hold the cursor key which is pointing in the direction you were just playing and then press the button on the joystick in the other port once(still holding the cursor key). As soon as the subs bench appears, let go of everything and you can now change the tactics and also put an outfield player in the keepers position.

Even easier, if before hand you make your own tactics before the match where all the players run away from the ball into the corners of the pitch and then save it. You can give the computer team these tactics at half time and they will never win.

From Jesper Juhnes old SWOS Page:

This cheat is for the Amiga versions only, it won't work on a PC.

The following was emailed to me by Guy Tanner:

He should be credited for this work not me.

You would like the ultimate team, but the Board will not allow you any cash to spend, no problems. Just follow these simple rules, and you will have a bottomless pit to play with.

Well, you have to get your hands dirty with a binary editor and some hex calculations.

With HEX

  1. Load the saved game file
  2. Switch the display to Hex/ASCII
  3. Go to Position D5D8
  4. Enter the following into the Hex display, 3B9AC9FF
  5. Save the game file
  6. Load SWOS and play, you will now have 999,999,999, enough to pay anyone.
  7. Once you have run out of money, just repeat.

Using Another Binary Editor

  1. Make a note of the exact amount of money you have, and save the game in SWOS.
  2. Load up your binary editor, AZap for example
  3. Using the convert calculator, or similar, change the decimal value of your current bank balance into Hex
  4. Now get your binary editor to search for that hex number
  5. When the program finds this hex number, change it to show 3B9AC9FF
  6. Save the game file, and load SWOS, you will now have 999,999,999 to play with.
  7. As before, if you run out, just repeat.