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Purple Sensi Star Star Star Star Star

Possibly the best SWOS site on the net, this has tonnes of stuff for you to look through and take part in, lots of reviews and information on Sensible Software - and it looks great too!

Swosovi Svedoci Star Star Star

A great competition league based in Yugoslavia, seems to have run out of steam however.

Yoda Soccer Star Star Star Star

A sensible soccer clone, the first that has really got anywhere, this is quite fun, so have a play!

SWOS Working Group Star Star Star

A group dedicated to keeping swos updated, also a home for swos fans with a forum and regular news updates. Need to register though!

SWOS Graphics Star Star Star

Graphical updates for swos - looks great, you definitely want to have some fun here!

SWOS++ Star Star Star

Home of the swos++ program which provides extensions to the original swos game, definitely worth having!

Sensible SWOS Star Star Star

Has some info on squads and updates and some downloads and cheats.

SWOS 2004 Star Star Star

Interesting new website, loads of teams have been updated by the webmaster!

Sweswos Star Star Star

Good looking site and some interesting things, like stories about swos games the author has played.

SWOS Brasil Star Star Star

Loads of info about swos tournaments - really good fun to read!

German SWOS Webring Star Star

A German SWOS webring - not sure about this one because it is all in German only.

SWOS Italia Star Star Star

Another all Italian site.

Liga SWos123 Star Star

Polish SWOS site - it's only available in Polish.