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Simple Soccer Star Star Star

An inventive new site all about a new game dedicated to SWOS! You can join in with the coding, so visit now!

La's Plaza SWOS Star Star Star

Cool swos site, also has his own version of swos for you!

SWOS Italian Fan Club Star Star

Italian page - it's all in Italian and doesnt seem to contain much.

SWOS Star Fire Star Star Star

Just a page about software patents now!

Official Polish SWOS Club / Centrum SWOS Star Star

Seems to be malfunctioning now.

SWOS nEXT Star Star

Website dedicated to modifying SWOS - have a peek!

SWOS In Lebanon Star Star

The first Lebanese SWOS site - check it out!

Czech Station Star Star

Has some downloads, improving SWOS links - the first Czech SWOS Website!

ukSWOS Star Star Star

Has suddenly been closed down, was very promising!

Maury SWOS Star Star

Italian page - not sure there is much to this one.

SWOS Superleague Star Star

A new competition site - looks worth a try!

SWOS re-creation in Java Star Star Star

Jonathan Daniel is trying to reprogram sensi in Java - even playable on an applet! It's only just started, but take a look at what he's planning!

Rags To Ritches Star Star

A page about the authors career with Darlington FC - interesting to look at.

Tobroyal SWOS Star Star

Another new German page - again all in german so i cant read it!

SWOS Zone Star Star

This one is all about SWOS highlights, its got a fair few to download, so take a look!

PC SWOS Windows Editor Homepage Star Star Star

One of the oldest pages around, has the famous SWOS Windows editor, easily the best utility for SWOS. The site is excellently designed now, comprehensive updates and very nice graphics!

#Sensible_Soccer Star

Looks good but there is only a couple of pages online at the moment, some careers and some pics.

Sensi Superstar Star Star Star Star

A nice Sensi site with some good content and info - written by a sensi master. Was one of the top sites - put has since fallen by the wayside and not updated for over a year.

swos Star Star

A good site from an update specialist, its a bit hard to navigate though.

Dodgy Spiders SWOS Star Star

A very average page, there's not much here!

SWOS Online League Star Star Star

Yet another new league, its a good one though, the site doesnt exactly look too hot, but it has character, and the main thing is there, passion.

Ricky SWOS Web Page Star Star Star

An old site, but has just been relaunched, definitely worth a visit.

SWOS Heaven Star Star

Again, nothing much here but the usual updates and careers sections.

The Ultimate Guide Sensible World Of Soccer Star Star

An OK page, with some info, it is very out of date though.

GoalScoringSuperstarHero Star Star Star

Used to be THE place to go if you want updates! Has a great selection of updates, good information and links, and is really very good. It hasn't been updated since January 1998, though.

SWOS Tournament Star Star

Click here if you want to join a tournament, very well organised. Looked good at the start, but now it is dead!

SWOS Play by e-mail Star Star

Grrr another closed league, maybe it will be back when the author starts university again!

A World Of Sensible Soccer Star Star Star

A good website, but a bit lacking in some areas. It has information not found on any other websites .

SWOSed Homepage Star Star Star

Home of another Amiga SWOS editor, this is more widely used than SWOSfff and Amiga fans swear by it. Not a bad site either, just not much else apart from the download.

Superswos Star

Luciano's SWOS Page

Sensible Soccer Star