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1998-12-27 - The England 1.12 update is out, get that here.Again it is looking bleak on the sites, Lucianos page, one of the greatest ever SWOS web pages has just closed due to lack of interest, there are only about 5 decent sites around now that provide up to date info, things are looking up, SWOS Is Still Alive! seems to be getting the update scene working again, with a new Japan update amongst others, visit that from the links page.

1998-12-20 - England 1.11 update is out, so get that here. Two more websites have come along, SWOS Devotion and SWOS Is Still Alive! these look to be good for the future of SWOS, at the moment there are only about 5 updated websites around, and about 25 rubbish or out of date ones! Anyway, have a good Christas and check out those new sites on the links page!

1998-12-13 - >The new England 1.10 update is out, so get that here. Not much other news this week, apart from Paul Turners site moving (again!) to Freeserve.

1998-11-29 - The new England 1.08 update is out, so get that here. A couple of small bits of info on the sites, Andrew Olroyds SWOS 2000 site has closed as he is disatisfied with Sensi 98, and Paul Turner has moved his site to Xoom - wise choice ;)

1998-11-28 - At last, I've managed to update the site two weeks in a rowm the new update 1.07 is out, get that here. There is one new website on line, it is for SWOS and is by Paul, called Sensi Superstar. Also, the player profiles has been update - check that out too!

1998-11-14 - Oh no! I havent updated my site for ages - AGAIN! - sorry about this, it would have been done a couple of weeks ago, but my phones went off! Anyway, the new update is finally out - get it here. A lot of sites have disappeared now, the biggest loss for me being 'The Swosest' Ilan and Yuval, you will be missed! Other sites to have been deleted are SWOS 2000!!! by Gareth Chesire and Sensi 98 - leaving just one devoted Sensi 98 site - Sensibility. It seems like no one likes SWOS anymore, no one has updated their site for ages barring Pablo, and from time to time, me! One thing I notice is that people are annoyed that it has no management options - remember it is only Sensible Soccer 98 not SWOS 98, or SWOS 2000 which will be released later.

1998-10-11 - Phew, a bit of a lapse in updates there! Never mind, I'm back now, with the update 1.05 which you can get here. On the subject of SWOS sites, a few have disappeared, Dudley SWOS Tournament, Sensi Download Resource, The Fin SWOS Site and David McNeils Sensi 98 site. I have also cancelled the SWOS Tournament I was planning, due to lack of a venue - sorry.

1998-09-13 - Again, nothing new, apart from my 1.04 update here. God I wish something would happen in the SWOS world!

1998-09-06 - Well, the last day of my holidays, nothing much has happened again this week, apart from a small update to some sites. The new england 1.03 is out, so get that here! Oh, and there is a new site, check it out on the links page, its from Finland!

1998-08-29 - Another site has gone, Alexander Ahls SWOS Site, he didn't want to update it anymore, so it closed. Apart from that, its been a pretty quiet week, where are all the teams for the league, someone send me an entry for the league - please!! The England 1.02 update is out, so get it here!

1998-08-22 - Not much to add this time, one new site, the Definitive SWOS Update Page, and one site gone, Tony Dogg Shotguns SWOS Website, apart from that nothing much happening! Oh, and the new 1.01 version of my English leagues update is out, get that here. Just one more thing, remember to enter a team in the 24/7 league!

1998-08-18 - Another update! This time its a massive one, a complete revamp of the whole site, I hope you like this better! I've also added three new pages, a comments page, a information page for my england update, and a player profile page, click the links to the right to see them! This should be the final change to the site appearence for a while, unless everyone hates it! Please, tell me what you think!

1998-08-16 - Wow, nearly two months gone and I've only just done another update :-( anyway, more links added and changed, a new england update, and the geocities hate campaign started!!! As usual, there are some sites to remove and some to add, the removals come in the form of The SWOS World Cup, Raffys League, Warner Brothers official SWOS Site and SWOS Lounge. The new sites are A Different SWOS, SWOS 2000 by Andrew Olroyd, Sensi Soccer by Danny McNeil and SWOS 2000? by Gareth Chesire, it looks as if the balance is shifting more to Sensi 98! Enjoy, I'll try to update more often!

1998-06-07 - Another update! This time it is quite major, the site has changed its name! It is now SWOS 24/7, which I feel is better than the SWOS Website Ratings, as I want to shift the angle of the site from being just a ratings site and into a more general SWOS site. There have been a few cosmetic updates as well, I'm hoping to make this a more professional looking site! Also I completely updated the list of SWOS sites, it is now the most complete on the Net!

1998-06-06 - Wow! A four month break! I'm sorry about this, I've been busy with my exams, but luckily they are now nearing their end! A lot has changed on the site, you may have noticed a lot of pages are now unavailable, but don't worry, I'm just clearing away anything to do with SWOSnet, as I have closed it. SFAR, the SWOS Fans Association Ring was doing a much better job, and concequently the site is now a member! A lot of sites have now disappeared, so all links are fixed on the Links page. Don't worry about the lack of stuff on the site at the moment, I will be expanding soon, once my exams are over! Look out for a name change for the site soon! During the past four monthes, the site has passed a massive 10,000 visitors - thankyou!

1998-02-28 - A lot has happened since the last time I updated, the SWOS Website awards are going on now, there are more new pages about, and I have opened two more sections to the site, the first is a cheats page which you may want to look at, the second is the old Stats archive from Jesper Juhnes page, he is closing his site soon, and I offered to have the stats to keep his page alive, so visit them now!. Away from the site, Sensible has announced that Soccer World Cup 98 is to be released, it is really just a World Cup version of what Sensible Soccer 2000 will be.

1998-02-23 - Another update! I have now added the reviews archive, you can read through all the various reviews of the game we all love! Apologies to Tony Dogg Shotgun (real name - I think not!) for accidently saying his site had disappeared, it's still here, I missed a mail from him saying about it (doh!) Anyway, check his and the two other new sites I have found on the ratings page.

1998-02-22 - 'm Back!!! After a long break, I've finally gotten round to updating the website. It seems everything has Slooowwed down on the web, hardly any of the sites are updated anymore, Rugters has not been updated this year! Luciano and Eduardo Sousa's pages are still updated regularly, as is Pablo Fridlenders. There are now four new sites, The Italian SWOS Page, Sensi World, Ultimate SWOS, and Raffy's SWOS League. Sensi World gets my pick of those! Also there are three websites no longer in existence, SWOS Downloads Page, Johan Fensby's Careers and Tony Dogg Shoguns Page, none of these got of to a very good start. Well, check out all these sites on the Ratings Page

1998-02-05 - Sensi Soccer 2000 release date is May!!!! I'm sure those scheming gits down at GT Interactive were up to this all along, if they were pushing for a summer release in time for the world cup, then why didn't they just say!!!!

1998-01-11 - Richard Osbournes SWOS page is gone! It is one of the oldest around, and dates back from '96, a time when SWOS was only just out on PC, it will be missed.

1998-01-09 - Two new sites, the Sensible World Of Soccer Fan Site, and Tony Dogg Shotguns Sensible Soccer, both narrowly missed out on being allowed into SWOS site, they only got 2 stars. Check them out on the Links Page.<

1998-01-04 - I posted this site onto the web. Hopefully it will be popular!