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1999-12-19 - Version 1.28 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. A steady flow has now built up on the messages for the SWOS 2000 campaign, but we're still yet to see or hear anything from Sensible or Codemasters :(

1999-12-14 - Version 1.28 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Not much news to report, Sensibility seems to be back in business though, apart from that its been very quiet. The SWOS 2000 Campaign seems to have really taken off though!!

1999-11-28 - Version 1.27 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Its not been a very good week in SensiLand, firstly it looks as if SFAR, the ring of SWOS sites is dead, I'm awaiting confirmation or denial from Pablo, but at the moment nothing on it is working. Also, Paul Jackson got fed up with the lack of interest in his Premier League tournament, and closed it down, we are now down to to about 7 sites, two of which I run (this one and The Amiga SWOS Website), this does not look good people. One thing you can be sure of is that myself, Paul Turner (Sensi Superstar) and Philip Le Mars (Purple Sensi) will carry the flag, and continue to fight for a Sensi/SWOS 2000 to be released. On that subject the site now has a banner for the Sensi 2000 campaign, please vote there, we need your support.

1999-11-21 - Version 1.26 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Phew, over a month since the last update! Sorry about that, among other things like filling in UCAS forms etc I have been upgrading my computer, at not too greater expense it is now an AMD K6-2 400mhz! Which means, I can now play Sensi 98 ECE!!! Which of course i have been doing, but I must say I am not that impressed :( Ok, it is good, but its nowhere near as playable as SWOS ever was! It doesnt seem like it is finished to me, I would give it I think about 69%. Anyway, on the websites front, Philip Le Mars has relaunced his website, calling it Purple Sensi and has launced a new campaign to get Sensi 2000 released. Post your messages of support to his message board for the campaign, which will be sent to Codemasters. I must say though, when i mailed Codemasters all they told me was that they hadn't decided anything about whether they were releasing a new Sensi game.

1999-10-17 - Version 1.25 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Sorry for the delay, I've been really busy in the past 3 weeks, but all should be back to normal now. King Jagaver's SWOS page has been closed due to lack of interest in his tournament.

1999-09-26 - Version 1.24 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Some more websites have been moved to the dead sites page, there are now only 10 other updated SWOS sites around. See them at the links page.

1999-09-19 - Version 1.23 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Another website gone, SWOS Fantasy 96/97, only around 10 websites are now alive, see them on the links page.

1999-09-07 - Version 1.22 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Two websites have disappeared this week, both are old favourites, Jeroen Van Sluijs PC SWOS Editor has gone and so has RICKYs SWOS Site - all that now remains is his goodbye message. Check all these out on the links page.

1999-09-02 - I have totally redesigned the website, I hope you like it!

1999-08-29 - Version 1.21 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. It now includes the Portuguese and Ukraine updates, and the Indian and Cypriat leagues have been stopped as they do not need to be very regularly updated, you can still get them and all my other updates from The SWOS Project

1999-08-22 - Version 1.20 of the Multi-update is out, get it here.

1999-08-15 - Version 1.19 of the Multi-update is out, get it here.

1999-08-08 - Version 1.18 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. There are two new websites, check them out on the links page.

1999-08-02 - Version 1.17 of the Multi-update is out, get it here.

1999-07-20 - Version 1.16 of the Multi-update is out, get it here.Things are slow to non-existent here! As always check out Phil Le Mars homepage for some good games from the old sensi-days, click here.

1999-07-04 - Version 1.15 of the Multi-update is out, get it here.Another two week gap, sorry about that but I used the time to work on the Spanish update more, so it is more accurate now! Again there is nothing else to report, sorry!

1999-06-20 - Version 1.14 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. I took a break last week, but now i'm back and there have been a lot of changes in my updates! There are no new site additions this week, and none have disappeared either!

1999-06-09 - Version 1.13 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Nothing much else to report this week! You really should head over to SWOS Update Project for some cool updates, featuring mine and loads of other peoples work.

1999-06-01 - Version 1.12 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Well, I suppose you know the good news about Sensi!! Amazing, and even Jon thanked Philip and I, and of course all the cool fans who posted messages of support! I can't wait to see some new Sensi games, Codemasters seems an ideal home for them and I wish Jon and Codemasters good luck in the future! Who knows, maybe we'll see some kind of crossover game ...... Sensible Micromachines perhaps? ;)

1999-05-23 - Version 1.11 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. The new SFAR is working, and some of the sites on the links page have been updated.

1999-05-16 - Version 1.10 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. There have been some interesting developments on the SFAR front, with a new host for the site being found, all the banners etc, should be working within the next few days! On the websites front, everything has been pretty dull, a couple of updates to sites, including the MagicSWOS site, and Philip Le Marsays Sensi-Sational Y2K, he has updated the Sensi 98 premier league, you can find both these sites on the links page.

1999-05-09 - Version 1.09 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Next weekend there may not be an update, depending whether or not there is any transfer news. This is because all the leagues in England will be finished, with just the playoffs to play, so I may wait until the playoffs are finished, then the new Pre-season 1999/2000 updates will be out, with all the relegations and promotions updated. I have also added two countries to the update this week, India and Brazil. Enjoy!
In the site news this week, SFAR (Swos Fans Association Ranking) the only web ring for SWOS sites, has gone down due to SFAWEB, the old hosting company stopping their free web space scheme. If anyone knows of a free hosting service which allows users to run their own CGI-Scripts (it must do this), then please mail either me or Pablo Fridlender.

1999-05-02 - Version 1.08 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Sorry about no update last week, but basically there wasn't anything much to update! Transfers have gone quiet due to the closed markets, and no new sites or old ones going. Anyway, this week there has been much more activity, two new sites, SWOS Heaven and Magical SWOS have opened, check them out on the links page, and Phillip Le Marsay has opened his new 'Sensi-Story' section on Sensi-sational Y2K so be sure to check that little lot out! Incidentally, we know have a growing community of 42 SWOS sites, not bad for a game which is now nearly 3 years old!!! (SWOS I mean, not Sensi 98 et al, this has hardly provoked interest)

1999-04-18 - Version 1.07 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Nothing much to report this week, one new site in the form of an updates site, check it out on the links page here Aside from that, its been pretty slow this week, we still await the outcome of Sensi's talks with an investor.

1999-04-11 - Version 1.06 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Quite a lot of new things this week, the Links page has been throroughly tested out and a few broken links removed, including Julia Nordins SWOS Site and SWOS Eye. Also, a couple of links added, Eduardo Sousa's Be Sensible 2000, and Damien Marsault's SWOS Fantasy, see them now on the links page here.

1999-04-04 - Version 1.05 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. There has been a few developments on the website front, Julia Nordin's page has now gone, but I'm sure that Be Sensible 2000 will more than fill the gap! Also, Sensi-sational Y2K is proud to present a new section devoted to the as yet unreleased Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll, click here to visit it.

1999-03-28 - Version 1.04 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Most parts of the update should be very quiet from now on, until the transfer markets open up again in May or June, but I will still be editing it and improving it slightly each week until then, but there will probably be no major transfers. Another big announcement this week was the Eduardo Sousa is about to launch his new site, named 'Be Sensible 2000' it isn't yet fully finished, but if you want a preview, click here.

1999-03-22 - Version 1.03 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Also, I received some information on the current status of Sensible Software from Jon Hare, go and see what he has to say at: The Save Our Sensi Campaign Website

1999-03-14 - After a bit of a break (for no reason but sheer laziness), update pack 1.02 is out, get it here.

1999-03-02 - Update pack 1.01 is out, get it here.

1999-02-24 - The England 1.16 update is out, get that here. Ok, now some news of a big disappointment, it has come to my attention that Sensible Software is no longer employing any people and is in something of a coma, this is a big shock to me and everyone who is a true Sensible Software fan. So, in conjunction with Phillip Marsay's Sensisational Web Page, SWOS 24/7 has launched the 'SOS - Save Our Sensible' campaign. There is now a website for you to leave a message of support for Sensible Supremo Jon Hare, so please visit it! The url is: http://www.lemars.freeserve.co.uk/swos/sos.html you can also see how our 'campaign' is going and what we will be doing to keep Sensible Software alive.

1999-02-21 - I have launched my new multi-nation update, so get information about it here. This now contains updates for SEVEN different countries, enjoy!

1999-02-14 - The England 1.19 update is out, get that here. Ok, now that I'm in the mood for updates I've done another country - Scotland, enjoy it! I've also cleaned up the links page a bit and added some new sites.

1999-02-07 - The England 1.18 update is out, get that here. Also on the update page now are my updates of the Cypriat and Swiss leagues, I hope you enjoy them!! Elsewhere, the play profiles page has been updated, and there is a new SWOS FAQ, so make sure you see both of those!!

1999-02-01 - The England 1.17 update is out, get that here. The SOS campaign seems to be going well, lets just hope we can save Sensi yet!

1999-01-17 - The England 1.15 update is out, get that here. This week has seen a new website, the Amiga SWOS Network, which aims to create a total team update for the teams in SWOS, they still need various people to do different countries, so it would be could if you could visit and maybe lend a hand! See that on the links page.

1999-01-03 - The England 1.13 update is out, get that here. Not much site news this week, but I wish you a happy new year and maybe SWOS2000 will come out!!! ;)