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2000-12-10 - There was an update last week as well, but i just didn't fill in any news for it! Anyway, the site is still alive, i'm at uni now and i had been too busy to do the site, but everything is back online now. SWOS sites seem to be pretty dead at the moment, Purple Sensi and Sensi Superstar haven't been updated in a while - come on Phil and Paul you're the best! Anyway, there's some new SWOS sites around, check those out here. And the best thing of all is that there's an open source clone of Sensi in development, check that here. The new update (1.45) is also available, so be sure to get that! Expect the site to be all Christmassy next week whoohoo! Also a happy birthday to SWOS 96/97 - this month it's 4 years old!

2000-09-20 - Some new SUN updates are available. Also I've added a couple of new sites to the links page. It has come to my attention that Xoom, the free web space provider, has merged and is now NBCI, whatever you do don't use this free webspace service, its slow and hardly ever works. Anyway the website addresses that used to be at Xoom have changed and one website has disappeared, SWOS Devotion. Also I'm trying to use the short URLs for geocities sites as I think they're phasing out the old long ones, but there's still a few sites which I cant find the short URLs for - if anyone knows how to get them then I'd appreciate an e-mail because its worth these sites being available to people!

2000-09-10 - Version 1.43 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Wow an update only a week after the last, i must be feeling ill :). Anyway big news this week as we welcome SUN, the SWOS Update Network into the SWOS 24/7 site. It used to be known as ASN or the Amiga SWOS Network, but this has changed because I think its beneficial for both Amiga and PC users. Its a place for you to help with updating swos teams.

2000-09-03 - Version 1.42 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Swosovi Svedoci is going well - its a great competition and I think all fans should join! I've added some new pages, one about my joysticks that I've used (thanks to Paul Turner for the inspiration on that) and a page about unusual swos feats - if you have any then mail me.

2000-08-06 - Version 1.40 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Another month nearly. Sorry i've basically been lazy ;) Anyway, lots of stuff has happened, Purple Sensi has a cool new redesign and superleague for you to participate in (i'm currently bottom of the table :( and there is a new club, Swosovi Svedoci, a new site from yugoslavia with a great new league.

2000-07-10 - Version 1.39 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Well its been a month, the a-levels are now over and I've got more time for the site! I could have released this update a couple of weeks ago but the files were in a mess because of all the transfer action, some countries still have gaps, but i'm filling these in now. England should be fine and Italy also. There's been no more news from sensi about the new game, and the websites have been pretty quiet. Lookout for Purplesensi's new redesign tho, I've seen a sneak peak and its looking amazing!

2000-06-07 - Version 1.38 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Sorry for the 2 month delay in updating the site, I've been busy with exams! Anyway, a lot has been going on since the last update, Purple Sensi has re-opened with a great looking new design, and a lot there are a couple of new sites around (see links). Also Martin Perssons old SWOS site is now gone, not a big loss really. We have some more news from my Codemasters insider, coincidentally Codemasters are still denying that a new Sensi is under development, which is a pretty standard response at this early stage I guess.
Anyway, here's what my contact had to say about the new Sensi:
.....we are prototyping it currently and if the design guys don't see a real reason to make it we won't....I think it's unlikely we won't esp. if there's demand for it already and it is on paper looking great, so far we only have a pitch on screen! Not sure if we will do PC versions from now on, it will depend very much on the type of game, for example we have have just cancelled the PC version of boxing 'cause the advance orders were very small, where as the PSX version advances are already looking huge.
Let's hope that they think PC sales will be large enough! It could be more than a year before this actually gets released, thats assuming the project gets that far - fingers crossed it will - and at least 6 months I would say before it is officially confirmed by the Codies.

2000-04-24 - Version 1.37 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Today I got a message from one of my contacts at Codemasters, here's what he had to say:
I'm working with Jon at the moment on both Cannon Fodder and Sensi Soccer for XBox and Playstation 2.......more than that I cannot say!!! Actually, Jon is a really nice bloke has very strong ideas and I'm sure we are going to produce worthy updates.
So it looks as if there will be a new Sensi Soccer game after all!! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens - as well as if this game is going to be released on the PC, which I may have confirmation on sometime in the next week! At last something seems to be happening.
As if to confirm the old saying about buses, Codemasters have also confirmed that the first game to be released from Sensible since their takeover of the company will be a Gameboy Color version of Cannon Fodder. A good, if slightly uninteresting start! Maybe it'll be greatly enhanced from the originals?
In site related news, Purple Sensi's relaunch date has been delayed yet again - this is due to Phil not being able to upload the files this week as he hasnt got his fast connection yet. Should be up soon though. yet. Should be up soon though.

2000-04-16 - Version 1.36 of the Multi-update is out, get it here.

2000-03-27 - Version 1.35 of the Multi-update is out, get it here.

2000-02-27 - Version 1.34 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Total SWOS & Sensi Soccer home has also disappeared, never mind.

2000-02-13 - Version 1.33 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Look out for Purple Sensi resurfacing with a new design in the next few weeks!

2000-02-06 - Version 1.32 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Lets face it, SWOS is all but dead now - its depressing, but the activity of the websites has now dropped to maybe just 1 or 2 sites active. This is not a good situation, but it was inevitable, particlularly with Codemasters refusing to acknowledge the SWOS scene as anything worthwhile. Unfortunately, due to lack of time Phil Marsay has had to give up his website, at least until Easter when he hopes it will return (like someone else about 2000 years ago? :) - allegedly.

2000-01-10 - Version 1.31 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. One thing that I have noticed is that www.sensiblesoftware.com seems not to exist any more! Does this mean that Sensible Software as a brand name is now officially over? One thing is for sure, www.sensiblesoccer.com still works - if it wasnt needed wouldn't Jon Hare have removed that one too? Something to think about, although I don't know if it really is of any significance - fingers crossed!!!

2000-01-03 - Version 1.30 of the Multi-update is out, get it here. Welcome to the year 2000! Wow, this site is now over 2 years old and its still going strong (I hope!). Ricky Tang's SWOS page is back, looking as good as ever, but apart from that there is not much swos news, as seems to be the norm these days!