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2001-12-26 - Happy New Year! New 2.03 update available, get it here! The are lots of new updates on SWOS Update Network as well, and a lot of new websites also a lot of Geocities sites have been removed from the old links page, I guess they had a clean up of all old websites.

2001-12-14 - Merry Christmas! New 2.02 update available, get it here! Some of the old dead links have been removed from the links pages.

2001-11-30 - New 2.01 update available, get it here!

2001-08-12 - The almost finished update is available! Download it now! The only unfinished league is the Italian league, but all teams should be updated by next weeks update. The Scottish, English and Spanish leagues are all fully updated now! Enjoy!

2001-07-28 - A new update is available for the 2001/2002 season! Only the English update is really thorough as I am still waiting for the other markets to settle down, all the teams in the english league have beeen updated, as well as some from Spain and Italy, so check it out and tell me what you think!

2001-05-20 - Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the site! I've got uni exams on at the moment and the football leagues are all reaching the end - when the English Division play offs are finished I will release a new update with the new promotions and relegations and all the released players taken care of! I'm disappointed because I wasn't promoted in the SLOL 4th Division - but I'm looking forward to thrashing everyone next season! Stay tuned around about next Sunday (27th) for news! Oh I've taken a couple of dead links out of the links section (SWOS Up and SFAR).

2001-03-25 - New update 1.48 is out! Well it's been a month and there's a load more websites added on the website page. At the moment Paul Turners Sensi-Superstar website is in limbo because he's been ill, but he says he will return soon! SLOL (SWOS League On-Line) is in full swing over at www.swos.co.yu currently yours truly is lying in 1st position in division 3 after 5 rounds out of 9! So get over there if you want to sign up for the next season - it really is the best thing to happen in swos for a long time!

2001-01-08 - Welcome to 2001 from SWOS 24/7! There's a new update available this week, get that here. It's amazing that SWOS is still alive after more than 6 years since the original release, and according to visitor figures for the website, it is experiencing a resurgence! In fact on the 8th December 2000 90 people visited the site, which is a record! I'm really pleased about this because SWOS is a game that deserves recognition, and is still a game which has more websites than any other! I'm not too sure of the reason for this sudden rise in popularity, a rise which has seen yet another 2 new swos sites - maybe you guys know something I don't! In fact in this month's PC Format they hae a list of the top 10 budget football games, SWOS 96/97 comes in 7th with the comment "Sensi, eh? Denizen of the football old skool. Little blokes, little ball, but big, big fun. PC FORMAT RATING 78% so Sensi received praise yet again! Anyway I have high hopes for this new year and I think we could even see an announcement of a new SWOS game. Others have doubted that there will be another SWOS game - but here is my view on the subject, i take an opposite view, so I present my little article on this subject ;)