SWOS 24/7 / Newsgroup

Right, as you know, SWOS is a popular subject amongst us fans, and what we all need is somewhere to chat, post our great goals, and all our excellent proclamations of brilliance. So on the sunday night of January 11th 1998, I posted a message to alt.config which would create a new newsgroup for SWOS, alt.games.sensi-soccer and it has been created!

There are two ways to get posting with the newsgroup, both have their advantages and disadvantags:

1a. Load up your favourite newsgroup reader, and subscribe to the group alt.games.sensi-soccer, this should get you started right away!

1b. Use Google Groups. This is an online web newsgroup site, and is pretty good! From there you can either search for alt.games.sensi-soccer or click here to go straight there. You have to register, but its quick and they don't send you junk mail.

2. If you do get into the newsgroup, look at the messages, and post a reply, or think up your own brilliant post!

3. Tell me if you have problems, by e-mailing me.