SWOS 24/7 / Player Profiles

Ok, you've played SWOS until your fingers bled, you can win against Juventus with your eyes closed, you can take Doncaster Rovers to the Premier league - so what?

Everyone who has played SWOS for long enough is good enough to beat the computer, but can you do it every single match? I don't think so, so how do you judge who's the best? Through the careers! This page is for glory amongst SWOS fans, just send me all the careers you have ever done (don't send me any of the ones from other SWOS sites, I'll be able to tell!) and I will add up how many career games you have player, how many goals you've scored, how many conceeded, how many games you've played and your win ratio, and put it into a league table!

This is your chance to show off to everyone else about how great you are, so take the chance! One thing, if you send me the careers, make sure they are in a ZIPPED file, I dont want a massive download! Also tell me your full name, age and where you are from, and if you have one, a small picture!

Mail me!

Just to gloat, here's my record to get you started!