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Technoplus Hawk+

The Technoplus Hawk+

The first joystick I bought for my new 386 PC in 1993, this was soon put to good use with Sensible Soccer 1.1 :) It was a great joystick for sensi, and I became quite a master at Sensi with it. Unfortunately the quality of this stick was not that good, and the buttons on it soon wore out. The Technoplus Hawk+ joystick was a cheaper version of the Quickshot Warrior 5 joystick, in fact it was basically just rebadged. It's actually the only joystick that I ever regularly used for Sensi or SWOS, since then i've preferred pads.

Phase 9 Phantom

The Phase 9 Phantom 2

I picked up a couple of these great pads in October 1996, just before the release of SWOS. Basically it was to play Mortal Kombat 2 but that idea turned bad when I found out that the gamport on a pc could only handle one joystick with 6 buttons or 2 joysticks with 2 buttons each, meaning no 2 player fun on that game! However, the pads became great for use on Sensible Soccer 1.1 where I regularly thrashed my brother and friends. With the release of SWOS 96/97 the pads got more and more use, taking me to title after title. Unfortunately the pads have now worn out, they seem to have a weakness on the d-pad, eventually the plastic membrane decays and breaks off. Definitely my all-time favourite pad, I can't find them anywhere now!

Quickshot Super Warrior

The Quickshot Super Warrior

A nice joystick, one better than the Technoplus Hawk+/Quickshot Warrior 5 I like this joystick, but it has never become a favourite of mine for SWOS and Sensi, seemingly i've never been able to readjust to a joystick from using a pad. I've had it about 3 years though and it is a much better build quality than the old Technoplus.

Wild Things Premier Pad

I got this pad free when I purchased FIFA 2000 at HMV (yes, i'm sorry!) it has a nice d-pad action, not too stiff like some of the other pads i've used. The shape is also very nice and fits in the hand well. It works great with swos, but it's purchase coincided with a patch when I was not played SWOS very much. As such it never gained the coveted 'favourite joystick' position, but its never the less a recommended pad.

Logitech Wingman Extreme

The Logitech Wingman Extreme

I have to admit it, this pad was purchased solely for use with FIFA2000. Its 8 buttons mean it works properly with the game. It was the first USB pad I bought, and I was surprised to find it worked with Sensi and SWOS. The most comfortable pad I've ever owned or used, I really like this one, and it is probably my favourite at the moment, not quite as good as the Phantom 2 though. I've never really recaptured the form I had with those pads :)

Saitek P750

The Saitek P750 joypad

A recent purchase, this one has an analogue stick which I've started to find rather useful for SWOS. Again its a USB device. Maybe this hyprid joystick/joypad could find a special place in my heart for playing SWOS/sensi. I'm giving the analogue stick a good go for all my competitive swos efforts, so you'll have to see if my performance in the Purple Sensi and Swosovi Svedoci championships improves!!!