SWOS 24/7 / Updates

SWOS 24/7 is proud to present the new Update pack, featuring updates of ALL Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Scottish, American and Ukranian leagues!

All countries have been updated FULLY, Serie A and B are done, as well as the Primera and Segunda Spanish leagues. There should be very few mistakes, if any, and I have tried to match skills accordingly.


These updates are designed for my SWOS 2004 patch - this is available here just install it into your swos directory, and away you go, no crashing with the updates.

If you want to play the updates on SWOS 96/97, 95/96 or Euro 96 then you need to change the number of teams in the Italian, Scottish, Spanish and Ukraine divisions. You can do this with an editor such as PC SWOS Editor 1.4.

Below is a list of all the changes that have been added since the last 8.00 update: