SWOS 24/7 / Purple Sensi Superleague 2002/2003 Season

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Yes, it's back! Its no SLOL, but the Purple Superleague is a great way to test your SWOS skills against the best in the world. The rules have changed somewhat since the last Purple Superleague, but the basic format is fairly similar. Every month, I will post a new superleague file for you to download, and you will have a month to complete the superleague and return it to me. Interested? then check out the rules below, and then download the first file!

Latest News

Month 5 of the much delay-ridden superleague is here. I got a few new entrants last time around but some of the older ones dropped out. It would be nice to have at least ten this time around. Maybe then I will be more motivated to keep it updated onschedule...

I couldn't think of anyting particularly clever to do for this months tournament so I plucked out 5 teams completely at random!

Please note, that if you have missed any of the previous months competitions, there is still time to enter! As there are still some positions up for grabs in from the last few months, there is still a chance for you to fight for the remaining points.

The last two competition files are available here for you to download. The deadline for returning all files (including previous months competition files) is July 31st ...or at least, thats probably the deadline... I look forward to your entry. Please return all files to superleague@purplesensi.co.uk






May - July 2003 Results

Nice to see some new faces amongst the old favourites this month! Could still do with more entratns though folks!! St Etienne wins this months(?!) league, just edging Crispin into second place. YellowNoNo, winner of the previous 2 leagues slips into third ahead of the Enigma who indicates that he may be on his way back into some decent form after a dreadful few months.

YellowNoNo hangs on at the top of the overral table though, but only just with Crispin now a mere two points behind. St Etiennes impressive May showing sees him move above Enigma in the table.

StEtienne 8 45 0 +45 15
Crispin 8 43 1 +42 10
YellowNoNo 8 36 0 +36 8
Enigma 8 28 5 +23 7
Andre 8 18 1 +17 6
Dzoni 8 10 7 +3 5

Overrall Standings

Yellownono 32 +63 43
Crispin 32   41
StEtienne 32   31
Enigma 32 +48 29
Gino 8 +23 15
ChristianC 16 +3 13
Intravolvo 8 +38 8
Marec19 8 +21 6
Andre 8 +17 6
BunnyElmer 8 +11 5
Leyther 8 +1 4
Dzoni 8 +3 5

New year, new rules

  1. Deadlines

    Superleague files will be available at the end of the month and will be due for return by the end of the next month (before the next superleague file is released) No late entries will be accepted.

  2. Playing the league

    The superleague file will be a DIY league of five teams. You will play each team in the league twice - a total of 8 games over 3 minutes. Due to a technicality, the league will be set to play each team 3 times, but please only play the first 8 games. You can, if you like, play less than 8, but this will obviously adversely affect your chances.

  3. Scoring system

    Goal difference is key in the Purple Superleague. Entrants each month will be ranked by their goal-difference. Points will be allocated in relation to a players ranking each month. Points will be allocated as follows:

    • 1st place: 15pts
    • 2nd : 10pts
    • 3rd : 8pts
    • 4th : 7pts
    • 5th - 10th : 6pts - 1pt
    • 10th + : 0pts
  4. Other notes

    The DIY file will be from SWOS 96-97, but you are welcome to play with any version of SWOS which you own. The DIY should work perfectly well with all versions of SWOS. You are also free to use any of your own custom formations or tactics if you see fit.

  5. Sending the file

    Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, zip up your file ( http://www.7-zip.org ) and rename it with your name, or the nickname that you want to use, and subject the email "Purple DIY Superleague" followed by the month of the superleague. Following these guidances will make my life a whole lot easier.