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2005-11-27 -

Version 6.03 of the update is out. Gone from Manchester United is Roy Keane! He's been in there since the original data!

Also loads of excellent news about the new Sensible Soccer! Purple Sensi has the latest - it has also undergone a huge redesign, it looks brilliant! At last we have some news of a new game....

2005-09-24 - Version 6.02 of the update is out. This fixes a bug with number of teams in the Premier League which was causing some crashes. Also some small updates.

2005-08-19 - New season 2005/2006 update is out

2005-02-27 - A new version (5.04) of the update is out, get that from the updates page. I've also redesigned the website a bit, hopefully more changes coming soon.